The three Napoleonic bees - Elba Island

The bee, symbol of industriousness and emblem of the Merovingian dynasty, was chosen by Napoleon as the imperial coat of arms.

In fact, during his exile on the island of Elba, he decided to place three on the flag to call the people to unity and bond with the Empire.

These animals were found in the insignia of imperial cities that enjoyed a privileged connection with the sovereign. But the symbol of the bee as a sacred animal has much more ancient origins; in fact in ancient Egypt, where they believed that the bee was born from the tears of the god Ra, it was an example of diligence and courage for man.

Even the Greek legend about the birth of Zeus narrates that the father of the gods was raised with golden honey, and that once he became an adult he thanked his mother by transforming her into a bee, according to the Greeks an immortal being with the power of rebirth.

Therefore wearing a bee gives great vital and divine strength. The three bees are available as a bracelet or necklace in red and white with one or three bees.