first chakra

The first chakra indicates how the person is feeling at that moment with respect to his physical energies.

If the person is happy to live, if he is in good health, at least if he believes he is in a good relationship with his body, if he wants to have fun, to play.

This chakra is normally associated with the adrenal glands, lower extremities, spinal column, large intestine, genitals and central nervous system.
The pathologies that can occur due to its disharmonious functioning are: hemorrhoids, obesity, constipation, sciatica, deforming arthritis, anorexia nervosa, gonarthrosis, gout. The individual's primary needs relating to survival fall within the sphere of influence of the first chakra.

If there is an excessive functioning of this chakra, both thoughts and actions will be oriented towards the obsessive satisfaction of material needs and personal security; you will want to possess everything you want, while it will be difficult to give or donate something. If hindered, one will react with aggression, anger, violence, feelings or methods that express a defensive attitude linked to the lack of trust in ancestral vital forces; in this attitude there is always the fear of losing what gives security and a sense of well-being.

If, however, there is insufficient functionality, there will be weakness and poor physical and emotional resistance. Many things will be experienced with excessive concern, even if very banal. Existential insecurity, in the sense most linked to primordial instincts, will be the main problem, you will feel as if you have lost every point of support. Every fact of life will become insurmountable, therefore we will dream of easier, more pleasant and less tiring conditions, generating mental escapes from contingent reality. If the upper chakras have developed more than the lower ones, you will have the sensation of being "out of this world", deeply experiencing a sense of foreignness and absolute and hopeless solitude. If the energy block also affected the third chakra, in addition to the first, we could find ourselves in the presence of anorexia. The foods useful for activating or rebalancing the base chakra are proteins, meats, nuts, beans, eggs, dairy products.