sixth chakra

The sixth chakra is located in the center of the forehead, about two fingers above the root of the nose; his name in Sanskrit means to know, perceive and also command. This chakra is connected to the pituitary gland, the control of the hormonal system, the cerebellum.

This energy center is important not only for its correlation with physical disorders, but above all for its high psychic significance. Related to it are psychospiritual ability and balance, the correct perception of oneself in relation to oneself, at an energetic level that we can define as intuitive, sensitive, therefore beyond the mind;

it is probably due to dysfunctions of these chakras that serious psychiatric pathologies can be traced back, such as schizophrenia.

Furthermore, since it is associated with the regulation of all the cycles of the various levels of the person (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual9) the following consideration must be made: each cycle is a bipolar oscillation, therefore metaphorically, but then not so much , the transition from light to darkness is an intrinsic characteristic of the sixth chakra, also in a metaphysical sense; this highlights how the "darkness of the soul", often classified as depression or worse, can be referred to its dysfunction.

The sixth chakra represents thought, it is also called the third eye chakra. This is the seat of the highest mental faculties, intellectual abilities as well as memory and will. By developing our awareness, and opening the third eye more and more, our imagination will be able to produce the energy necessary to realize our desires. When the heart chakra is open and in conjunction with the third eye chakra, we can transect our healing energies both near and far. At the same time we can have access to all levels of creation, levels that go even beyond physical reality. Knowledge of this type comes to us in the form of intuitions, clairvoyance and hypersensitivity in hearing and perceiving. Things that we had previously only vaguely suspected now appear clearly to us.