fourth chakra

The heart chakra is located on the sternum approximately at the height of the horizontal midline of the breasts. 

In the case of disharmonious functioning, on a physical level there may be symptoms in the chest, such as a sense of constriction, dyspnoea, arrhythmias, tachycardia, palpitations, asthma and so on, without however having objective confirmation from clinical investigations.

From a psychic and emotional point of view, we will tend to love others only as a function of the recognition and gratitude that they can give in return.

However, if the chakra is hypofunctional, on a physical level there will be evidence of poor functioning of the diaphragm, with respiratory and cardiac problems, while from a psychological and emotional point of view there will be a tendency to express feelings of hatred and resentment, or of coldness, indifference, insensitivity.

The fourth chakra is the center of the entire energetic system of the chakras, in fact it connects the three lower centers, of a physical and emotional nature, linked to the earth, with the three higher more mental and spiritual ones, linked to the sky.

It is through the harmonious activity of this chakra that people are able to empathize with everything that exists and grasp its beauty and harmony. In fact, the function of this energy center is that of the ability to express pure and unconditional love.

The fourth chakra is the center that allows the development and use of the ability to transform and heal oneself and others.

The foods in relation to this chakra are vegetables, as they contain the vital energy of sunlight (sky) and, at the same time, the vital energy that comes from the earth.