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On each product page you will find an overview that will help you find the right size. In the product description you will find the dimensions and at the bottom you will find the measurements section with a table to help you

If that doesn't help, you'll find some tips on this help page


We usually send the order the next day at most within 3 days of placing the order.
Orders with EXPRESS shipping we try to send them on the usual day of the order. It can't always be done.
In general, the order and the customer always have absolute priority and the sooner the order is shipped the better it is for us too.

Please notify us immediately if the wrong address was entered during checkout so we can update it before shipping.

If the item has already been shipped, we are not responsible for lost or delivered packages.

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We have many unique pieces in our collection that we will release later on our e-shop.

Just write a comment/question below the post and we will respond as soon as we read it. Even a private message via messenger or a direct message on Instagram will get an immediate response.


Yes, we ship cash on delivery. Unfortunately it is a service that we cannot offer for free. Read the full page on payments .


Check your inbox for a shipping confirmation email, which includes a link to track your package from (also check your spam or promotions folder).

Still can't find it? You can check the status of your order by logging into your account on .
If none of these options work, contact us at or use the online chat on our site. We will need your name for shipping, the email address you used to place the order, and your order number. Once we have this information, we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details on the status of your package.

Tracking link for shipment with post 1

The tracking in this case only tells you if we have delivered to the post office and sometimes even if it has been delivered to you (optional). It doesn't report every step the package takes.

Priority Mail delivers to your mailbox and not by hand. Make sure your name is written on the box! (if a postman comes who doesn't know who you live there, he can send the package back to us)

Tracking link for shipments by courier, registered mail, cash on delivery or insured

The tracking in this case is very detailed and changes with each step the package takes until delivery.

This type of shipment is delivered to you by hand by the courier or postman. However, make sure your name is on the doorbell or mailbox

On our page dedicated to shipping methods you will find all the updated information on shipping times and methods.


Brass is beautiful whether polished or aged/oxidized according to your taste.

To polish solid objects we use products such as Splendirame , SMAC copper or Sidol copper. After polishing your jewel, wash it well with water and dry it well. DONE

If you have chains or filigree work you can boil them in a steel pan with white vinegar until the oxidation has disappeared

Silver is our main passion. We like it in any way. Scratched, mirror polished, worn, oxidized, black, rhodium-plated or gold-plated depending on the object.

In general, it is enough to always carry it even in the shower, at the seaside, etc. The more you wear it the more it shines. It doesn't take away the fact that, especially in summer, it oxidizes with our sweat or atmospheric agents.

So what do I need to clean? We use argentil or similar products available in supermarkets or hardware stores for solid objects, cream or spray for objects such as chains or filigree (objects that break when you rub hard).

You can also put salt water and aluminum foil in a steel pot, place the oxidized item on the aluminum and boil the water until the item is deoxidized.

Then take the object, rub it a little with argentil and wash it carefully with water. Dry well and you're ready.

If you still need it, send us a photo and we'll try to help you.


We are on the Island of Elba as a laboratory and shop in the months from April to October. Find more information on our page.

We hold fairs and events in Italy all year round.

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