third chakra

The third chakra in Sanskrit is called manipura, which means city of jewels. It is located at the level of the solar plexus and is associated with the liver, pancreas, stomach, spleen, upper part of the intestine and all metabolic and vegetative functions.

From a psycho-energetic point of view, its most important function is related to personal affirmation and the exercise of individual power with respect to society and the environment in general (it indicates the fulfillment of the person, how achievable the person sees his/her desire for life, how much a person wants and desires to fight for himself, how much a person loves himself).

The main pathologies expressed by the third chakra concern all metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, liver failure, cirrhosis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, glycemic levels etc., as well as all pathologies relating to the processes of nutrition, digestion and assimilation.

From a psycho-energetic point of view, it is at the level of this chakra that emotional forces directed towards the external environment are generated: feelings of friendship, resentment, sympathy, antipathy, etc. It is the foundation of social personality.

The disharmonious functioning of this chakra will generate the unbridled desire for power, for manipulation, to be able to distort reality always and in every way in one's favor; generally you will be able to notice a hyperactive attitude, which is put in place to hide the sense of inadequacy and emptiness that is caused by the impotence to manage the situations of absolute power that one would like to exercise. Inner serenity will be strongly compromised and, obviously, the satisfaction of material well-being will be the main thing, even if at the expense of any pleasant feelings, even going so far as to consider them undesirable and annoying.

The subject who suffers from an imbalance of the third chakra is led to lose control of his emotions and to develop a highly aggressive attitude, necessary to not allow others to expose his inner littleness, a fact which would expose the games of power by which this subject lives, creating a situation of energetic paralysis which would express itself as desperate and despairing impotence; an example of this defeated subject can be given by the image of those people who are generally middle-aged, but increasingly young, who spend their time in annihilating and destructive activities, such as drinking, using of drugs more or less recognized as such and which generally have a highly aggressive and domineering attitude in the family. In fact, these are followed by a highly depressive situation. In this case the subject will have as its main objective to be accepted and well-liked by others and to achieve this goal he will deny himself to conform to the way of thinking of the people he wishes to please, suffocating and completely denying his own desires and emotions; nevertheless, indeed, precisely because of this frustrating attitude, bullying and harassment towards members of one's family will increase.

Foods that can be useful for rebalancing the third chakra are starches, wholemeal flours and simple sugars.