Mythological loyalty is not a Goddess but almost. Her story is told in the Ramayana, Rama's wife is however a sort of incarnation of the Goddess Lakshmi.

The story goes that Sita was kidnapped in the forest by Ravana, king of Lanka and her ancient suitor. During her long imprisonment she refused the king's lascivious attentions and when she was finally freed, Rama welcomed her, believing in her loyalty. Unfortunately, driven by malicious popular rumors, he began to doubt her and pushed her away. Sita arrived alone and pregnant with twins in the forest this time protected by the sage Valmiki. At the birth of the two children Rama finally recognized the mistake and welcomed her and her children, then Sita, having enjoyed the brief happiness, asked the earth to swallow her and so it was. She is always represented next to Rama with her long hair tied and the lotus in her hand. It represents an ideal of feminine patience and fidelity.