General concept of Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a natural healing method that uses crystals, stones and minerals of various shapes and colors. There are many ways of doing crystal therapy : placing crystals in the environment, wearing stones in the form of jewels, drinking water charged with the energy of the stones , meditate with the spheres.....

In humans, the energetic assimilation of crystal therapies occurs through the subtle and etheric body, through our Aura and our strength centers, the Chakras , thus stimulating our energetic and psychophysical balance.

Crystal therapy should be considered as an energetic technique that exploits the great energy charge attributed to crystals and gems .

In fact, stones and, in particular the precious ones, are to be considered, due to their atomic structure, among the most perfect things in the world, they spread very pure light.

The term Aura indicates both the energy field of man and that of plants, animals and inanimate objects. According to what esoteric tradition reports and taking into account the confirmations given by clairvoyants in modern times, the aura is composed of 7 layers which are also called subtle bodies. Thanks to the interaction between the aura of the stones and the human aura it is possible to act on disharmonies of various nature, on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disorders by operating on an exclusively energetic level.

In Crystal Therapy we act on the subtle bodies through their inputs: THE CHAKRA

Below you can search for the name of a stone , disease or situation that you would like to treat with your stone . We have short descriptions of more than 150 minerals and their researched powers/effects.