Healing with Rudraksha - Benefits and properties of Rudraksha

RUDRAKSHA one face : indicated in the treatment of chronic asthma, TB, heart disorders, anxiety, paresis, stroke, eye disorders, bone pain and headaches.

RUDRAKSHA two faces : useful in the treatment of impotence, renal failure, stress, anxiety, hysteria, lack of concentration, depression, negative thoughts, mental confusion, eye and intestinal disorders.

RUDRAKSHA three faces: helps cure depression schizophrenia obsessive compulsive disorders mood swings mental disorders asthenia irregular or painful menstruation altered blood pressure jaundice

RUDRAKSHA four faces : recommended for circulatory and respiratory problems, cough, asthma, neurological disorders and amnesia

RUDRAKSHA five faces : regulates blood pressure heart disease stress behavioral disorders neurosis psychosis fits of anger obesity diabetes hemorrhoids

RUDRAKSHA six faces : indicated in case of epilepsy, neurological disorders and gynecological problems.

RUDRAKSHA seven faces : helps in the treatment of asthma and respiratory diseases, sore throat, impotence, foot diseases

RUDRAKSHA eight faces : abdominal pain, anxiety, stress and dermatological problems.

RUDRAKSHA nine faces : helps cure idiopathic and difficult to cure karmic diseases.

Ten-faced RUDRAKSHA: helps regulate hormonal imbalances that affect the psychophysical balance indicated in partisse and asthma.

Eleven-faced RUDRAKSHA: used for painful pathologies such as back pain and headaches, but also to treat alcohol and drug addiction; also recommended for liver disorders.

Twelve-faced RUDRAKSHA: indicated in case of bone diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets, mental weakness and anxiety.

Thirteen-faced RUDRAKSHA: to cure muscle diseases such as muscular dystrophy.

Fourteen-faced RUDRAKSHA: cures all types of pathologies, especially neurological ones.

RUDRAKSHA with fifteen faces : for dermatological problems, spontaneous abortions, it is considered particularly suitable for women with fertility and conception problems

RUDRAKSHA with sixteen faces : indicated to cure lips, TB and lung diseases

Seventeen-faced RUDRAKSHA: in case of neurological diseases that compromise mnemonic and motor functions.

Eighteen-faced RUDRAKSHA: cures and prevents disorders such as mental fragility and asthenia.

Nineteen-faced RUDRAKSHA : Useful in blood diseases and weakness of the spine.

Twenty-faced RUDRAKSHA: for eye problems, poisoning and snake bites.

Twenty-one-faced RUDRAKSHA: effective against all evil.

RUDRAKSHA GAURI SHANKAN AND GARB GAURI SHANKAR : Useful in the treatment of sexual and behavioral disorders.

RUDRAKSHA of Ganesha : for all types of mental disorders

RUDFRAKSHA TRIJIUTI : for every kind of disease.

RUDRAKSHA SAVAR : it is believed to have all the properties of the other rudrakshe and cures all types of physical, mental, psychic and spiritual illnesses.