1 mukhi Rudraksha (one face)

The Mukhi rudraksha is the most auspicious of all rudrakshas but is the most difficult to understand. The properties mentioned are real one Rudraksha Mukhi from Nepal or Indonesia. The one Mukhi rudraksha from Nepal, if found, is similar in shape but smaller than the Nepalese variety of the two Mukhi. (It will be oval in shape and slightly flattened and shaped like an eye when viewed from the side.)

It can vary in size from 10 mm to 15 mm in length. It does not have to be round in shape as usual, on the contrary it can be slightly elliptical, but should not be confused with the Chandrakar variety. Rudrakshas of the Nepal variety have a natural hole in the center and can vary in shape.

A round seed with only one face may be the result of lack of development and such rudraksha grows only on some trees. Rudraksha with a Mukhi is the most auspicious of all but is the most difficult to understand its deep meaning.