Spiritual and mental level:

generates momentum and dynamism. It makes you impulsive and passionate in love. It makes you active and dynamic, pushing you out of apathy and passivity. Stimulates sexual activity. Strengthens the ability to commit to one's tasks. It enhances vital energy and willpower, stimulates expansiveness and courage.

Physical level:

promotes blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the spleen and adrenal glands. Rubies are part of the corundum family. Ruby warms the sentimental sphere, makes us sensual and awakens sexual appetites. To create energy reserves in the body, a purified Ruby must be used for many weeks. This powerful stone restores appetite and accelerates decision-making skills. Ruby is a fiery stone that was considered the stone of the sun. Place of application – Ruby: II Chakra (sacrum) – between the second lumbar vertebra and the sacrum Planet – Ruby: Sun – vitality, passion, virtue, instinctuality, sensuality, courage Physical correspondence – Ruby: Ruby necklace Immune system, vitality , heart Zodiac Sign – Ruby: Aries Chemical formula – Ruby: AI2O3 Color – Ruby: opaque/dark red from chromium oxide Crystal lattice – Ruby: trigonal ruby ​​Rubies are also indicated: aggression (induction) anemia appetite (lack) sex (express problems) quarrelsomeness cold hands restorative exhaustion tiredness listlessness

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