Spiritual and mental level:
pushes you to take control of your life. It effectively counteracts the tendency towards victimization. It helps the individual to become aware of his spiritual world; helps overcome fear, pain and excessive emotionality. It instills inner calm and control. It harmonizes our expressive ability, facilitates speech and allows us to clarify thoughts through communication. Of volcanic origin, it embodies the wonder of the sea of ​​origin (it comes only from the Antilles) and the power of the land that generated it. It is suitable for fiery temperaments because it helps to calibrate impetuosity and form of thought. Larimar works on the expression of all those forces that we keep repressed inside; it is the stone of bringing out those things that weigh inside us. When the discomfort is linked to the fact that you just can't get it out of your throat, Larimar is the stone for you.

Physical level:
stimulates the ability to self-heal. Eliminates energy blockages in the chest, neck and head; stimulates brain activity.

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