Spiritual and mental level:
helps to develop a clear understanding of one's existential situation. It helps us face the trials of life and improve our. character. It encourages freedom of thought and pushes us to respect ourselves. Helps overcome fear, depression and feelings of emptiness. It leads us to analyze the consequences of our actions; promotes rational thinking, stimulates learning ability, strengthens the ability to solve problems and make decisions. Regenerates and purifies the aura, strengthens the mind. It creates a shield of light and is a symbol of love.

Physical level:
purifies and regenerates, stimulates the immune defenses, gives sexual potency. It is indicated in the treatment of all organ disorders in some way associated with psychic activities, such as the brain, the nervous system, the sensory apparatus and the hormonal glands. To the extent that the mind learns to control itself, it also learns to control the body.

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