Therapeutic indications:
it combines the energy of the throat chakra with that of the third eye, facilitating clear introspection followed by precise communication of what has been seen and understood. Therefore it is the stone of inner truth, which opens the mind to direct understanding and allows you to clearly channel the highest truths. Cavansite can help develop the ability to connect to akashic memory. By meditating with it you learn to resonate with inner knowledge and truth and therefore access the akashic plane. Cavansite can assist those who work with channeling spiritual information or with those who wish to begin "channeling". It can help in all intuitive fields (mediumship, psychokinesis, psychometry, etc.). It helps to make inner truth flow freely by eliminating the interference of thoughts and doubts. It calms emotions and helps to relax, releasing old ideas and unblocking both the mind and external situations.

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