Spiritual and mental level:
they promote awareness, pushing the individual to become aware of the situation in which he finds himself. They bring repressed emotions, ideas and memories into consciousness. They make the individual emotionally stronger, giving him the strength to face the dark side of himself. They help make us see our past conditioning and conventions. There is a male and a female Boji, depending on whether the cubic pyrite crystals (male) are visible on the surface or not (if the surface is only rippled, the Boji is called "female").

Crystal therapy uses the two qualities of Boji (male and female) to balance the organism: the male on the left side of the body and the female on the right side; it states that, worn correctly, they promote psychophysical balance.

Physical level:
they stimulate the energy flow along the meridians, thus dissolving minor blocks and highlighting the presence of major ones. They are particularly suitable for disease prevention.

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