Therapeutic indications
harmonizes reason and emotions. It is very relaxing and pacifying, it is connected with the mind and helps to have clearer visions.

It carries out a work of purification of the subconscious, at the same time we have the mental clarity to understand these energies that emerge. It is very good for the third eye.

When malachite and azurite are combined, the dark blue of the Azurite is lightened by the green therapeutic tones of the Malachite and thus a stone with greater healing powers is created, the malachite gives up a little of its ability to probe the subject to give it over to the deep blue of azurite, it also gives up some of its power and clarity creating a lighter and more tranquil ray.

This combination of stones can be used in any case where either malachite or azurite alone would be placed over a blocked or congested area. Malachite-azurite calms the anxious states that usually accompany physical ailments, so that the therapeutic procedure can take place: the fusion of blue and green soothes and makes the healing process possible.

When used above the third eye to purify the subconscious, many thoughts and feelings from the past are likely to come to awareness and can be neutralized, thus creating a higher and clearer mental situation. When using this stone on yourself or others, be prepared for emotional outbursts and physical detoxification.

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