Acquaprase the stone of balance. Aquaprase , a blue-green gemstone from Africa, has several healing and metaphysical properties.

Here are some of its features:

Stability and Calm: Aquaprase combines the perspective-enhancing qualities of blue gems with the earthly stability of green chalcedony, like chrysoprase. This combination gives a feeling of calm, peace and centering.
Communication and Throat Chakra: Aquaprase is related to the throat chakra. Metaphysically, it helps to attune to communication centers and develop innate abilities for meditation and impactful speech.
Uniqueness and Individuality: Each piece of aquaprase is unique, with inclusions of metal oxides that look like islands floating in an ocean or clouds above a mystical landscape. This stone celebrates individuality and the beauty of natural imperfections.
Color Properties: Aquaprase the stone of balance owes its brilliant blue color to chromium, which is also associated with balancing depression and reducing carbohydrate cravings. Furthermore, nickel is present in this stone.
In short, aquaprase the stone of balance is a fascinating gemstone that combines the strength of the earth and the energy of the ocean, offering both physical and spiritual benefits.

Aquaprase is a unique gem that contains mother nature and represents its richness. It includes sand and earth tones. The whitish parts recall the waves of the sea with their impalpable foam. The dominant colors of the stone are the tones of green and blue or of the sky when it is sunny and when it is cloudy.

Acquaprase the stone of balance useful for the body and mind. A precious and relaxing gem that will help you maintain your serenity.

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