Shiva lingam - Source of life and intellect

Shiva lingam what it is and its properties. Have you ever wondered what the Shiva lingam is and what properties it has? The Shiva lingam represents the phallic form of Shiva and is made of Basalt Agate and quartz jasper with iron streaks that seem to originate from meteorites.

What is the use in crystal therapy?

It is used in crystal therapy to increase fertility, vitality and energy.
These curious-looking stones are found in the Narmada River, one of the 7 sacred places in India. They can only be collected during the dry season, there are few families who have this task and the task of polishing them and sealing them with oils and waxes. It is said that Shiva lingam is a very powerful stone that is used to purify the space around us to reactivate the Kundalini energy which brings health, strength and vitality rising from the bottom and up the spine.
In India it is used to treat infertility and impotence problems.

What is the origin of the Shiva lingam?

Its shape also recalls that of the cosmic egg from which creation was born, phallus... egg and sign (devotional symbol of Shiva ). The Hindu religion connects it to the Yoni (vagina). In India there are altars that represent the sacred union of Lingam and Yoni male and female energy to which offerings are made to receive the blessing.

What legends do we find around the Shiva lingam?

A very popular legend tells that one day Shiva He met some wise men who, seeing him, did not recognize his greatness Shiva he transformed himself into a dirty, naked ascetic and began to seduce their wives.
At that point he was captured and castrated but the moment his member touched the ground the whole universe remained in darkness. At that moment the wise men realized that they had made a mistake and prayed to God to forgive them. Shiva he took pity on them and agreed but in exchange they would have to venerate the Lingam (sign) a phallus...always erect because full of energy.

What is the worship of the Shiva lingam for Shivaites?

Shaivites still follow the cult of the Lingam today, it is found in dedicated temples on an altar surmounted by a female symbol the Yoni (vagina) which serves as a container. All this represents the world born from the union of Shiva and Parvati (Lingam source of life and intellect Yoni cosmic energy)
Also the purification of Shiva Lingam is made in the same way as used for salt stones and crystals, running water, sea water and then under the sun in the open air.

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What books can we recommend?

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