How can I tell if a sunstone is real?

The sun stone ( Oligoclase ) is a very living stone. In its semi-precious quality it has a light iridescent brown color with lots of bright reflections (they look like small diamonds ) inside. In the center of the stone you can see an even brighter spot - THE SUN. The small video at the bottom of this article shows you an example. Also do a little research on your favorite search engine (Google, bing, DuckDuckgo, etc.) to see a variety of examples of the sunstone. Are you interested in the powers that develop with crystal therapy click here .

fake sunstone The synthetic or fake form (alongside) of the sun stone is an experiment which in my opinion was unsuccessful and in almost 30 years of activity I have not seen acceptable versions and even less acceptable that they are sold as sun stone.

sun stone ring This is one of our rings that you can also see below in the video. You can clearly see the difference between synthetic and real. In the center of the stone you can see very well the luminous part that gave the stone its name - THE SUN