Aquamarine: the mystery of the sea

What is aquamarine and its properties. Have you ever wondered what an aquamarine is and what properties it has? The origin of this name derives from the Latin words "aqua" and "marinus", which indicate sea water, and has a clear reference to its shining shade of blue.

What is the role of aquamarine in the history?

The Ancient Romans considered aquamarine sacred, considering its color a connection to the god Neptune, the God of the sea. This connection endeared her even more to sailors, to whom she promised protection from all the dangers they might encounter during their expeditions. The stone also offered prosperity and ensured a safe return home. One of these beautiful stones is set in the tiara donated by the Brazilian people to Queen Elizabeth II for her coronation in 1953, or a single aquamarine also donated by the Brazilian government this time to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's wife, Eleanor, in 1935, weighing 1847 carats .

What is the origin of the name of the aquamarine stone? - What is aquamarine and its properties

The name of this Stone is connected to the color of an expanse of sea water, it symbolizes happy and serene love, in fact it is used to obtain a happy marriage. It is customary to give an aquamarine as a gift on your wedding day. We can say that it contains a sort of mystery of the sea.

Does crystal therapy consider aquamarine as a stone of peace? - What is aquamarine and its properties

It gives peace and encourages communication ( fifth chakra ) because it helps to express oneself freely even in music and art. It helps inner growth, to tie up loose ends, to clarify misunderstandings that arise in relationships with others and makes us honest first with ourselves and then with others. It is thought to cure throat, stomach and liver disorders. If you want to discover other properties of aquamarine you can read our article on the benefits for mind and body.

What shades can aquamarine have? - What is aquamarine and its properties

It can be found in various shades ranging from blue green to turquoise and blue to transparent blue. Milk aquamarine is the milkiest type due to the inclusions: it is however always very clear.

Do you have any aquamarine jewelry?

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Do I need to refill my aquamarine?

You can find an article with one of the procedures for purification of stones here . This article gives you a brief idea how it works. If you are interested in learning more about the topic, we recommend books or you can contact specialists on the topic.

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