Bag Guarantees

Our bags are a true artisan masterpiece! Handmade with vintage or new cotton or silk fabrics, each bag is unique and authentic. Our production follows rigorous standards of eco-sustainability and respect for human rights. The little irregularities you might notice are exactly what makes each bag special and authentic. Thank you for choosing our creations! 🌟

Tips for washing handcrafted bags:

To keep your handcrafted bags in great condition, here are some washing tips:

  1. Hand wash with cold water:

    • Close all zippers and magnetic buttons before washing the bag.
    • Use a delicate detergent without perfume or dyes . This will help preserve the fabrics and prevent fading.
    • Wash the bag by hand with cold water . This will reduce the risk of color bleeding or tissue shrinkage.
    • Air dry : Lay the bag out on a clean towel or line. Shape the bag into its original shape and smooth out any creases.
    • After drying, iron gently the wrinkled parts with an iron. Be careful not to move the internal interlining.
  2. Dry Clean:

    • If you prefer to rely on a professional, you can take your handmade bag to the dry cleaner.
    • Be sure to inform the washerman that the bag is handmade and request gentle handling.

Remember that each bag is unique and may have special care instructions