Crystal therapy – Purification of stones

To take advantage of the powers of the stones it is necessary to purify them . Consider that the healing effect of stones comes largely from the absorption of energies . Therefore it is necessary to purify the stone from the energies already absorbed, and then recharge it .
For purification we need:
soft, non-calcareous water vegetable detergent (for example coconut-based, look in the
organic shops)
glass container (short and wide)
a washcloth sea salt silk washcloths
1.Rinse under running (cold) water until you feel positive
2.wash with detergent (use brush)
3.dry the stone well
4. place the stone in a plexiglass container with warm water
5.cover the stone entirely with sea salt
6. cover everything with silk and leave everything for 7 days!
7. once the period has passed it is rinsed with water (remove all salt residues!)
8. expose the stone according to the corresponding light (sun / moon) expose your purified stone at least once a quarter to the corresponding light (sun / moon).
For further benefits it is written, to have the stone programmed by experts.