How do I polish my silver, copper, bronze?

The easiest thing is to wear your silver at all times, especially when you wash or shower.


The oxidation of metals such as silver, copper, bronze etc. it is blocked by continuous cleaning (rubbing) while wearing your jewellery. Then there are products specifically for polishing. Each type of object has a product that is recommended.

silver objects:

blue duraglit

argentil (only if it is not silver-plated silver – because argentil is an abrasive that would wear away the silver plating and the object would require new silver plating-)

silver jewelry filigree workmanship.

duraglit blue - take the cotton wool and touch the object carefully to apply the substance (with gloves). let everything dry and then take a toothbrush (wet) and scrub the object without pressure until it shines. You may have to repeat the procedure a few times (depending on the level of oxidation). rinse everything with water and dry first with absorbent paper and then with a hairdryer.
various products or liquids for immersion. It is important that the object does not have a stone. Stones are usually corroded, so if you use it not with stones and the important thing is to remember to rinse well with water and dry well with absorbent paper and a hairdryer.

copper and bronze jewelery and objects

copper is the most curious thing. You dip it in lemon juice until it shines. Rinse it well with water and dry it with paper and a dryer.

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