Navaratna a jewel symbol of astrology

The Navaratna jewel is made up of 9 stones that represent the planets in Vedic astrology. All Navaratna jewels are considered powerful talismans capable of bringing good luck and favorably influencing planetary energies. It also protects those who wear it from any danger.
The union of these gems in contact with the skin is able to bring good health, prosperity, happiness and tranquility.
It is found in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets and pendants.
  • The ruby ​​is always found in the center and represents the sun (Manikkam)
  • The diamond representing Venus(Heera or Vairam)
  • The pearl represents the Moon (Moti)
  • Red coral represents Mars (Moonga)
  • Hessonite represents Rahu the ascending lunar node (Gomedh)
  • Blue sapphire represents Saturn (Neelam)
  • The cat's eye represents Ketu the descending lunar node (Valduryam)
  • Yellow sapphire represents Jupiter (Pukharaj)
  • Emerald represents mercury (Marakatam or Panna)
The ruby ​​gives energy, strength, courage and determination, the diamond gives serenity and concentration helps all those who are emotionally fragile, the pearl gives strength and support to the heart and is used a lot in Ayurveda.
Red coral can ward off and cure diseases and helps improve memory
Hessonite protects from poisonous substances and evil spirits, blue sapphire improves the outside and makes you more devoted, cat's eye eliminates fears and erases psychic tension, yellow sapphire is used for energetic practices and finally emerald helps with problems stomach and relieves insect stings and animal bites.
Navratan Pendant