3 mukhi Rudraksha (three faces)

Three Mukhi Rudraksha is an auspicious seed, traditionally used in Hinduism (Shivaism). Three mukhi Rudraksha is also the symbol of the three Devas (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha).

Three Mukhi Rudraksha produces a warm existence filled with blessings of the three Deva powers. After wearing the Three Mukhi Rudraksha with the right spiritual power and chanting the mantra (Om Mahajwalaaya Vidmahe Agni Madhayayay Dhimahi Tanno Agnih Prachodayat) the best result is achieved. It is said that the sins accumulated in the past are actually burned away. Thus the wearer is free from the difficulties of past karma .

The secret of the Three Mukhi Rudraksha is revealed after a short time: the wearer feels its influence through the success of his efforts and the mythology Agni the Rudraksha had a close connection with Lord Shiva and his wife, Goddess Parvati.

The original Three Mukhi Rudraksha is the most powerful of all Rudrakshas . A Three Faced Rudraksha is always the best means to peace and makes the soul pure. Rudraksha helps to strengthen self-confidence and achieve enlightenment (Moksha). Three mukhi Rudraksha can be placed in the kitchen to strengthen Vaastu (see vaastu shastra).

General advantages:

  • The wearer gains the power of vision when blessed
  • Increases memory, skin shine, wit and intelligence
  • It is said to make the wearer fearless, courageous and powerful and increases self-confidence
  • Helps alleviate the negative effects of Mars
  • It is believed to be good for children who are prone to accidents and illnesses

Health benefits

  • diabetes control
  • stomach disorders, ulcers
  • helps against cancer
  • fever, colds
  • helps with eye defects
  • against cholera
  • skin diseases
  • blood pressure control, blood infections
  • against swelling
  • It is believed to be effective in people suffering from anemic diseases.
  • It is useful for increasing energy, reducing skin diseases, overcoming laziness and improving blood circulation in the human body.
  • This is contained in the Rudralife brand combination "Swasthva Bandh", which is very often needed later.

Spiritual Benefits:

Three Mukhi Rudraksha is freed from sins , karmic debts and memories of previous lives.
It is ideal for those who want to free themselves from inferiority complexes, panic, guilt, depression, anxiety, worry and weakness.
The wearer of these Three Mukhi Rudraksha lives life freely and optimistically.

The three Mukhi Rudraksha

  • whites
    • strengthens self-confidence,
    • increases physical health,
    • eliminates any difficulty from the wearer's life.
  • red
    • free from all sins of the past life
  • yellow
    • makes life comfortable
  • Black
    • health benefits
    • spiritual benefits
    • promotes wealth
    • promotes success
    • creates positive attitude
    • reduces problems

How to use the three mukhi Rudraksha

To increase the energy of the Pearl of the Three Mukhi Rudraksha, on Sunday morning , get up early , clean the area where you will be sitting and do Pooja or Jaap. Bathe and wear clean clothes. Now sit with a view of Pooja Ghar or your house facing east. With your mind concentrated, chant the mantra " Om Kleem Namah " 108 times . Now apply Sandalwood Kumkum paste and apply Three Mukhi Rudraksha.

Dos and Don'ts with your Three Faced Rudraksha:

  • YES :
    • wash them with fresh, clean water and soak them in cow's milk for a day before wearing them
    • have faith in her
    • love her every day
    • take it off before a funeral
    • take it off before you go to sleep and put it where you worship God
  • NO :
    • show them to anyone
    • wearing a broken rudra
    • give rudra to anyone
    • use chemical soap after wearing it
    • eat non-vegetarian food after wearing it
    • drink alcohol after wearing it


  • She is the divine object of devotion.
  • The Three Mukhi Rudraksha have a calming effect on the mind and body.
  • It frees you from stress due to past sins and helps you succeed.
  • It frees the person from obstacles to which he is exposed due to past karma.
  • It means energy of Lord Shiva, gives freedom from the cycle of life.
  • After wearing it, the wearer receives spiritual benefits.
  • Mantras of the three mukhi Rudraksha:- “Om Kleem Namah” and “Om Namah Shivaya
  • Beej Mantra: Om Kleem Namah
  • Presiding deity: Agni
  • Ruling planet: Mars

Summary created and translated by: The power of Rudraksha - Kamal Narayan Seetha