Kali (Devi or also Mahadevi)

Kali in silver

Kali "the black", despite being indicated as a symbol of darkness, is a beneficial and terrifying goddess at the same time, she has several attributes that have a symbolic meaning:

-dark complexion means the dissolution of all individuality
-nudity the fall of illusions
-the noose with which he cuts off the heads represents the transience of things
-the four arms hold instruments of purification and destruction.
Kali also means Mother of Time or She who consumes time.

The first time it appears is in the Rig Veda a sacred book, only as the black tongue of the 7 flaming tongues of Agni (sacred fire).

Then she appears as a divinity with the name of Raatri (considered as the prototype of the Goddess Durga) is sent to earth to destroy a group of demons, but, taken by terrible fury, begins to kill humans too... and does not stop until Shiva she lies down among the corpses, at which point the Goddess realizes that she is about to kill her husband and so interrupts the extermination. Kali represents a very well-known Goddess in the Hindu pantheon, she represents the explosive feminine energy... Shakti... She is called by different names Bhairavi, the scary one, Chamunda, the killer, Chandi, the aggressive one, Jari Mari the hot cold one. We find her precisely as Durga, the warrior goddess, as Shakti, she governs material energy, as Parvati, the first principle ,like Lakshmi, brings sweetness and abundance, like Rhada divine love, Saraswati sings and plays the eternal vibrations.

Imagine licensed Kali Sketch