fifth chakra

The fifth chakra is the center of the human ability to express, communicate and inspire, creativity understood in a subtle sense, the relationship with our. Feelings. It's exchange, giving to receive.

In the throat chakra, the creativity of the sacral chakra unites with the energies of the other chakras. We can only express what we have within ourselves, and one of the purposes of the fifth chakra is precisely to allow us a certain inner space that allows us to reflect on our thoughts and behaviors.

When we develop the throat chakra our thoughts will no longer be dominated by emotions or physical sensations, which makes objective knowledge possible.

The parts connected to the fifth chakra are: the thyroid, neck, throat, jaw, ears, parathyroids, trachea, bronchi, esophagus and arms and the development of the skeleton.

The physical pathologies related to it refer to organic or functional diseases relating to the organs it governs.

The timbre and tone of the voice are manifestations of the energies of the fifth chakra: the more harmonious, full and rounded the voice is, the more this center will be in balance.

The psychic pathologies that refer to vishudda all refer to the ability to communicate, not only towards the outside, but also towards one's own interiority; It is through this chakra that communication between mind and body takes place, therefore the so-called psychosomatic diseases can also be referred to varying degrees to the dysfunction of this chakra.