The SHIVA LING or LINGAM - The energies of the world


The Lingam is a phallic symbol considered one of the manifestations of Shiva, it represents the non-manifest universe, it represents the symbol of the fecundity of creativity.

Etymology of the word lingam is uncertain it may mean plow SIGN symbol emblem trademark.

The lingam in cultic use is placed on a pedestal which represents the female organ. (yoni)

The Kama Sutra tells a legend that is well known in India

One day the god Shiva met a group of learned men who did not recognize him, so he transformed himself into a naked and dirty ascetic and began to seduce their wives, at which point the sages lost their minds and castrated him, when the penis touched the ground the light disappeared from the universe and at that point men realized they had made a mistake and begged Shiva to bring back the light, he accepted on condition that they worshiped him as a Lingam.