Rudraksha has always fascinated people around the world for its mystical properties: it is fascinating to think that a seed has received so much attention and created so much interest worldwide.


For thousands of years, Hindus, Taoists and Buddhists have used the Rudraksha plant to meditate and control stress . Used a lot by yogis to control the senses and to achieve a state of stillness.

Ancient Vedic texts tell how Rudraksha was born from a tear of Lord Shiva Rudraksha -Shiva Aksha -tear. It is said that when you look at the Rudraksha you are actually looking at the third eye of Shiva.

According to Hindu tradition, with the opening of Shiva's third eye there was the birth of Rudraksha. Most Rudrakshe have 5 faces (or mukhi) representing the senses; Rudraksha also symbolizes the destruction of desires.

The Rudraksha tree is an evergreen known by the scientific name of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. It lives in tropical or subtropical areas, we find it in Nepal Sri Lanka India Australia Hawaii and Indonesia. It has small fragrant white flowers. Plants from 5 years of age produce blue fruits with the Rudraksha seed inside. From those seeds, prayer rosaries (mala) are created, worn by everyone regardless of creed, ethnicity or caste.

The Rudrakshe are worn to destroy negativity or overcome obstacles, when combined with gold, silver pearls or other stones and metals they attract the strength of Shiva and the cosmic divinities of the nine planets.

Ayurveda (holistic healing system originating from India) attributes Ayurvedic properties to Rudrakshe. In fact, for thousands of years they have been used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines alone or mixed with other herbs. Ayurvedic doctors also attribute energetic properties to the Rudrakshe worn (more concentration, focus and mental strength).

By carrying a mala at heart level you have a reduction in stress and blood pressure and you are calmer. According to research conducted by the Banaras Hindu University, Rudraksha has great electromagnetic inductive properties which also vary depending on the number of faces (mukhi), it emits impulses which are transmitted to the brain through the skin therefore the person's energy field improves.

It also has anti-aging properties and when we keep them close to the heart they stabilize the heartbeat. A 5-faced Rudraksha mala is said to help fight insomnia and migraines , they can be worn around the neck, arm, wrist, ears and head.