Spiritual and mental level:

It has the ability to reflect negative energies protecting from evil and enemies. Strengthens the ability to think rationally, facilitating the recognition of one's mistakes. Precisely because of its strong sensitivity to electric fields, black tourmaline is extremely sensitive to our changes in mood: in these cases it will tend to crack and crumble. Used on the aura like a brush it cleans up X-rays.

It has the ability to reflect negativity rather than absorb, shielding the wearer from unwanted energies. In fact, it allows us to release tension, protects us from the aggressions of the surrounding environment and the environment in which we live from the radiation of electronic equipment (it is advisable, in fact, to place a large piece of black tourmaline on the computer and on the television), and from negative vibes that others can send us.

Physical level:

promotes the resolution of problems related to the bone system. It tends to alleviate pain states.

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