Spiritual and mental level:

it brings an intense light within us, promoting mental clarity. It awakens the highest sensations by putting us in contact with the divine light. It also purifies our subtle bodies. To be applied on the seventh chakra to have a bath of light (It is placed 15 cm above the head, while lying down). Selenite is a powerful entity that conducts subtle Energy towards us, allowing us to enrich and strengthen our Auric Field. In meditation it allows you to contact the highest levels of awareness, helping to access the memory of past lives and the vision of the future.

Physical level:

It does not act on the physical plane. Selenite A variety of gypsum found in transparent crystals or crystalline masses. The name derives from the Greek selene, which means 'moon', and refers to an ancient Central European legend, according to which new crystals of the mineral were formed only with the waxing Moon. Selenite crystals can be split into thin transparent sheets, which were used by the ancients instead of glass. Today the mineral is mined and processed like ordinary chalk. The largest crystals are found in Utah, mostly in geodes.

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