Therapeutic indications:
they give comfort and stimulate the ability to react in the face of painful events. They are powerful protective amulets. Lightly rub two together to activate them. You can place one of these stones on the 7th chakra and another on the 1st, or on the soles of the feet: the vibrations generated will purify all the energy centers and normalize, reactivating, the flow of energy along the spine. A Moqui Ball, placed on the third eye (6th) will promote clairvoyance and the perception of distant events or even previous lives.

The Moqui have a subtle magnetizing effect on the energy field, they clear and recharge the areas where they are placed. They are especially effective when held in each hand during inner journeys or meditation.

Placed under the pillow they promote dream activity and the memory of dreams upon awakening; they amplify the individual ability to see beyond the veil of appearances to the heart of reality. They help maintain vital forces. They protect the body in critical moments.

Moqui Balls were first found at the base of the Navajo Sandstone and are believed to be between 130 and 155 million years old. It is said that shamans of Native American tribes used Moqui Balls for initiations, to deepen interaction with their animal guides and to recharge energetically.

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