Aquaprase™: The Gemstone That Captures the Essence of Nature

Aquaprase is a gemstone that caught the world's attention about ten years ago, thanks to its discovery in Zimbabwe in 2015 . This unique gem, with its blue-green color and its inclusions reminiscent of floating islands in an ocean, has quickly become a must-have in fine jewelry and crystal healing.

Properties and Benefits Aquaprase is known for its healing and metaphysical properties. It is said to combine the perspective-enhancing qualities of blue gemstones with the earthly stability of green chalcedony, like chrysoprase, giving a feeling of calm and centeredness. Furthermore, it is linked to the throat chakra, promoting communication and the development of innate skills for meditation and impactful speech.

Use and Applications Acquaprase is not only a stone to admire, but is also used in various applications. In jewelry, it was introduced by Maison Boucheron in its “Serpents Bohème” collections and continues to be a popular choice for jewelry that expresses individuality and connection with nature. In the field of crystal therapy, Aquaprase is used for its relaxing effects and to help maintain serenity 2 .

The discovery The discovery of Aquaprase is attributed to Yianni Melas, a gem explorer known for his significant contributions to the field of gemology. His passion and dedication brought to light this extraordinary stone which today represents a valuable addition to the gem trade.

A Certified Precious Stone The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has confirmed the authenticity and naturalness of the color of Aquaprase™, excluding artificial treatments such as dyeing. Gemmological analyzes reveal a refractive index ranging from 1.531 to 1.539 and a specific gravity between 2.55 and 2.57, confirming its exceptional qualities.

Where to Find Aquaprase For those who wish to further explore the beauty and benefits of Acquaprase, we invite you to visit our website The World of Wit , where you can find an exclusive selection of this fascinating gem.