Emerald – the fountain of eternal youth

Spiritual and mental level:
stimulates inner growth, sensitivity and aesthetic sense, the desire for peace and harmony. It generates well-being, tranquility, joy of living, optimism and vitality. It helps to give more value to life itself. It helps to overcome difficult moments, makes you extroverted, alert and far-sighted.
Clear emeralds resign the spirit and nourish the heart chakra (love) Place of application

Physical level:
It acts particularly on the eyes, improves vision and cures infections. It also stimulates kidney activity, the liver, strengthens the heart.
Emeralds are part of the Beryl/Beryl family. The Emerald is a strong detoxifier. Purify and rejuvenate by drinking plenty of treated liquid. Detoxifies the liver, intestines and skin. Emerald essences applied to beauty masks together with a purified stone benefit the skin. A high frequency stimulates the organs and eliminates dissonances by carrying it for a long period (Necklaces on the skin). Emerald: III + IV Chakra Planet – Emerald: Mercury Physical correspondence – Emerald: lungs, intestine, nervous system Zodiac Sign – Emerald: Cancer < Chemical formula – Emerald:<emerald2 AI2Be3 [Si6O18] Color – Emerald: opaque and green (Africa), bright green. Traces of chromium contribute to the color. Crystal lattice – Emerald: hexagonal Emeralds: balance longevity skin rejuvenation

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