Do I have a silver allergy?

In the last 20 years of our business we have not encountered a true allergy to silver. More than anything, the following objects have created the myth of silver allergy (later I'll explain why the myth):

silvered objects (costume jewellery) or rhodium-plated objects have lost their covering and the internal body (therefore nickel, base metal or any metal alloy containing metals that create allergies) has created irritation or allergies.

an object was sold as silver only because it was stamped SILVER or was written SILVER PLATED on the packaging. Even the 925 stamp cannot be considered a guarantee as they can be bought for €5 on the internet without any problem.

Irritating residues from the first polishing were not removed adequately (washing with soap and water).

We call it a myth because ninety percent of people who think they have a silver allergy but can wear a gold object safely. Why is 18 karat gold composed of gold (75%), silver and copper? 92.5% silver is composed of silver (92.5%) and copper. Therefore gold and silver in its commercial alloys contain the same metals.

We have discovered in collaboration with many customers who thought they had an allergy to silver that this is not the case. Their belief was born by purchasing and wearing one of the objects described above. After wearing an object (earring because it is more sensitive) made of untreated 92.5% silver (no rhodium, silver plating, gilding, chrome plating, etc.) they discovered that no signs of allergies or irritation appeared.

Our advice if you have any doubts:

make sure the silver is not treated (hallmarks and dealer insurance are not enough). Go to a goldsmith's workshop and ask for a piece of wire with a section of 0.9 mm and about 3 cm long.

clean it well with soap and water. Rinse it thoroughly. Fold it into a 'U' shape and stick it in your ear.

After a while you will see that it doesn't bother you at all.

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Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst


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