MANTRA - om mani padme hum and its meaning

Om mani padme hum is the mantra of compassion, a very ancient mantra lost for many centuries and then rediscovered and popularized.
This mantra "traveled" from India to Tibet has powerful transmutative properties. Legend has it that it served precisely to transmute evil demons into protectors of dharma (religious and moral law).
It is found written on stones and flags and on jewels , it is kept close both to protect the house and ourselves.
Its vibration rate is so high that it has a purifying effect.

OM : symbolizes the body, speech and mind
HANDS : jewel removes poverty and suffering
PADME : means lotus and symbolizes wisdom
HUM : indicates indivisibility
So by singing or reciting this mantra the body, mind and space around us will be purified
Anyone who uses or recites it will find inner peace.

Listen to the mantra

Om mani padme hum - flags

You can find the mantra in various interpretations on the web. Here is a short list with links:

Monks chanting om mani padme hum with the sound of Tibetan bells

Musical interpretation lasting 3 hours

Monks singing