Rudraksha the healing seed 2 faces

The Rudraksha tree resembles the Guava tree and produces its fruits in mid-November. There is a shell on the fruits which takes about 8-10 months to dry. After removing the shell you get the Rudraksha the 2-faced healing seed.

The "two mukhi Rudraksha " has two slits and is considered an identity of lord Ardhnareshwar or the fusion of male and female energy. Helps achieve peace of mind, a seek prestige and harmony in married life and find a balance between couples.

After wearing this Rudraksha you will feel the much desired mental peace in an increasingly faster and more stressful world. The two mukhi Rudraksha also helps in managing emotions and increases creativity in life. It also helps prevent diseases related to kidneys and hypertension . Read on and find out all about Rudraksha the 2 mukhi (faced) healing seed

This Rudraksha is beneficial for those who have the zodiac sign Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , Leo and Libra .

Rudraks the healing seed 2 faces 2 mukhi

Rudraksha 2 faces: four color variations

White Two Faced Rudraksha - Helps prevent premature death and blesses the person with a long life. Brahmins get more benefits if they wear white colored Rudraksha.

Red Two Faced Rudraksha - It is an identity of Lord Shiva and Parvati. You can wear it to get rid of all sins . Also Kashatriya people get more benefits if they wear red colored Rudraksha.

Yellow Two Faced Rudraksha - This Rudraksha helps the wearer to fulfill their needs . Shudra people get more benefits if they wear a yellow Rudraksha.

Black Two Faced Rudraksha - Helps the wearer achieve wealth and prosperity in life . It is believed that one who worships this Rudraksha gets away from all the problems in his life. Vaishya people get more benefits if they wear black colored Rudraksha.

How to wear Rudraksha the 2-faced healing seed

The best day to wear Rudraksha is Monday, but it can also be worn on subsequent days i.e. Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Get up early in the morning take bath and wear clean clothes, then go to any temple of Lord Shiva where there is a Shiva Lingam and clean the place where Rudraksha is worshipped, then wash the Rudraksha with raw milk than with water after sprinkling it of Gangajal. It can be worn on red silk thread after touching it with a Shiva Lingam and chanting the mantra OM ARDHANARESHWAR DEVAI NAMAH.

Rudraksha - importance

  • It helps the wearer increase their ability to concentrate and achieve a stress-free life.
  • It helps maintain balance between the relationship between husband and wife .
  • It maintains unity and loyalty in every relationship and also increases the level of trust .

Rudraksha the seed - benefits

  • If a person is facing difficulties or problems in his married life, then this Rudraksha is very beneficial for him.
  • Bring positivity into the relationship , so you can understand each other.
  • It helps in curing problems related to kidneys , gastroenteritis , heart problem and helps in strengthening memory.
  • It is also useful for those who are looking for the best life partner .
  • It also helps bring pleasure and spiritual gains into the life of the wearer.
  • It also helps cure the negative effects of Planet Moon. So those who have weak moon in their Kundli (it is the term used for Birth Chart in Vedic Astrology ) should wear two mukhi Rudraksha.

Rudraksha the healing seed

Dos and Don'ts of Two Faced Rudraksha:

  • Do not drink alcohol while wearing Rudraksha.
  • Eating vegetarian food for Rudraksha wearer.
  • Do not wear Rudraksha while sleeping
  • Always worship the Rudraksha before wearing it in the morning
  • Do not wear it if it is defective
  • After wearing it, keep faith in Lord Shiva and worship him every day
  • Don't let anyone touch your Rudraksha when you wear it.

Two Faced Rudraksha Mantra:

  • Padma Purana - Om Om Om Namah
  • Skanda Purana - Om Shrin Namah
  • Shiv purana- Om Namah
  • Yogsara - Om Om Om Namah

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