The star ruby: bearer of light

What is star ruby ​​and its properties. Have you ever wondered what a star Ruby is and what properties it has? The star ruby ​​is the noblest variety of corundum: when we find the rutile needles inside it takes the name of star ruby.

What is the role of the star ruby ​​in the history?

If we look at history we can say that it has always been considered the stone of kings, it was sacred to the Sun and represents fire, passion and vitality.
Since ancient times it has been considered a bringer of unlimited light , abundance and wealth, it also helps maintain love in our lives!

Does crystal therapy consider star ruby ​​as a healing stone? - What is star ruby ​​and its properties

The star ruby ​​is indeed part of the rubies: it helps us to be radicalized, it awakens our potential, it leads us to have a positive vision of the world, reducing anxiety and stress , it supports us by reminding us that it is we who choose to be happy and helps us to develop confidence in ourselves. It strengthens the heart and blood circulation is very useful during childbirth!

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Which chakra is star ruby ​​associated with? - What is star ruby ​​and its properties

The chakra associated with the stone is the Muladhara or root chakra, the corresponding element is fire and the planets the Sun and Mars.
It is used as a talisman of protection and prosperity, finally it is a stone suitable for weddings precisely because it is said to increase desire!!!

Do you have any jewelry with a star ruby?

Yes, certainly. We are passionate about stones and above all the jewels that can be made. You can find the star ruby ​​jewelry collection here

Do I need to top up my star ruby?

You can find an article with one of the stone purification procedures here . This article gives you a brief idea how it works. If you are interested in learning more about the topic, we recommend books or you can contact specialists on the topic.

What books can we recommend?

For example, we can suggest this book by Franco Licori which can be purchased here

What is star ruby ​​and its properties

Physical properties - What is star ruby ​​and its properties

  • The name Rubino derives from the Latin rubeus: "red"
  • its chemical composition: Aluminum sesquioxide, formula: Al2O2+Cr,Ti
  • its origin: It forms in igneous rocks particularly rich in aluminum (granite, syenite, pegmatites) or in metamorphic rocks (gneiss, crystalline schists, marble). Africa, Dolomites, Burma, India, Thailand
  • The su: color varies from pinkish red to purplish red Specific weight: 3.9 – 4.1 (high)
  • It has a hardness very close to diamond (10). 9 on the Mohs scale (very high) Luster: Vitreous – adamantine
  • Transparency: Transparent to translucent
  • Crystalline system: It belongs to the corundum family, which crystallize in the rhombohedral system