Therapeutic indications:

Improves mental clarity, concentration, transforms confusion into clarity. Elestials, also called Angel Crystals, are a source of immense light. They resemble our brain in shape, divided into lobes and convolutions, they have an inexplicable and almost dazzling light, despite being smoke-coloured, rarely white.

The Elestial is a magical, particular, rare crystal that calls you if it is the right time to meet it. It is the most hidden and most beautiful inner light. It is our nervous structure that touches its border of Etheric Light. It is the possibility of "touching" the Light that we have long cultivated and sought. The Elestial is a travel companion in enlightened spiritual evolution.

There are often strange signs engraved on it, almost like a cosmic alphabet ready for important revelations. They are used to clean the VII chakra and activate those qualities that need to be supported, for example the ability to detach from emotions, from things, they reinforce certain characteristics.

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