YANTRA: Mystical amulet

What is Yantra and its properties. Have you ever wondered what a Yantra is and what properties it has? The Yantra indicates a mystical diagram or mystical amulet.

What is the most used Yantra?

One of the most used Yantras is the Sri Yantra which is used in the cult of the goddess Tripurasundari whose form it represents.

How is a Yantra formed?

It is formed by the intersection of two sets of triangles four with the top vertices representing the male part (Shiva) five with the bottom vertices representing the female part (Shakti).

What is the use of Yantras?

The use of yantras is associated with the practice of tantra. Each yantra is unique and is associated with a certain power or a particular ritual.
Each yantra is associated with a different mantra precisely because each divine figure has its own yantra. They are often traced on the ground or on the walls of houses precisely because of their characteristic as well-wishing talismans.
In addition to triangles, they are also made up of squares, circles or lotus petals
The circle represents universal consciousness, the square represents the earth.
The focal point is the center called bindu which symbolizes the essence of the Universe, the absolute principle from which creation was born!

Do you have products with the Yantra?

Yes, certainly. We are passionate about oriental symbols and in particular Indian culture. You can find a beautiful Sri Yantra ring here .

What books can we recommend?

Today we recommend a good book to deepen your knowledge on Yantras. You can find it here

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