seventh chakra

The seventh chakra is located at the top of the skull, in the bregma area. It is a non-physical chakra, which can essentially be defined as the interface between individual consciousness and the cosmic, universal one.

There is no blocked seventh chakra, it can only be more or less "developed", in relation to the individual's personal spiritual path. There are no known and specific pathologies linked to this energy center, neither on a physical nor on a mental or spiritual level; we only know that the energy processed at this level has effects on all the tissues and functions of the organism, in a more or less evident, intense and effective way.

The seventh chakra is connected to the center of the top of the head and faces upwards; It is connected to the brain and the pineal gland.

Here we are connected with the sphere of being that contains all unmanifested forms and characteristics. From this place, we once began our journey towards life, and always here we experience unity with our original divine principle, of which we are all part and it is here that our personal energy field becomes a whole 'one with the universe. The path towards the development of the seventh chakra is indicated by the color purple. Purple is the color of meditation and devotion. While we are able to intentionally influence the activation of the lower six energy centers, in the case of the seventh center, all we can do is open ourselves and let things happen through us.

Using the energies of the seventh chakra in therapy can be useful when dealing with serious traumatic situations, in fact for example. In relation to Bach flowers, the remedy that is most frequently associated with the seventh chakra is rescue.

It must also be said that the sixth and seventh chakras are rarely unbalanced, while in adults the most frequently unbalanced ones are the third and fourth and in children the first and second.

Regarding the second chakra, it should be noted that it is often found to be decompensated in female subjects who live their sexuality, understood both in a physical and psychic sense, in a conflictual way both at the level of interiority and at the level of interpersonal or social relationships.